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High Definition Security Camera Systems with Pan-Tilt-Zoom and Audio

Opticomm-EMCORE offers a broad range of products to serve the CCTV, security and commercial surveillance industries. Opticomm-EMCORE’s HD surveillance system products have been integrated into numerous industrial and business sites ranging from government facilities to airports, hospitals and public transportation.

Sites ordinarily consist of NTSC / PAL / SECAM video cameras with mechanical data pan-tilt-zoom surveillance activity for real-time transmission between the camera site and the communication controller hub. Opticomm-EMCORE’s products can also accommodate higher-end video needs from RGB to digital SDI / HDTV / DVB for more advanced security and surveillance systems.

All links are connected via fiber optic multimode or singlemode cable. Fiber optics are the sole transmission method for true reliability and optimal security. Other means of transport such as coax or wireless are vulnerable to a significantly higher threat of penetration, noise interference, and compromise in transmission quality.

Visit the System Configurator to design a system to your precise needs.   View a video of Opticomm-EMCORE products that are sought after for CCTV, security and surveillance applications.

Typical applications:

  • Government / military base security and surveillance
  • Hospital / corporate security and surveillance
  • Hotel / casino security and surveillance
  • Airport security and Surveillance
  • Train/Rail Station
  • Policing facilities
  • Traffic analyses and monitoring

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